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Complete Environmental Services, Indoor Air Quality Services, & Property Inspection Services

Our Services

- Indoor Air Quality Assessments

-Residential and Commercial Building Inspections

-Mold and Mildew (allergen) Evaluations

-Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments

-Site Drainage Assessments

-Crawlspace and Attic Evaluations

-Building Ventilation Assessments

-HVAC System Assessments as pertains to indoor air quality

-Radon Testing and Mitigation

-Methamphetamine Assessments and Sampling

-Surface and Air Sampling for Variety of Contaminants

-Cleanliness Clearance Testing

- See Services Page for Detailed Services

Who We Are;

BRAD HARR, President, M.S., CMC, RPIH, HHS                                           

Sr. Environmental Scientist



Mr. Harr is a Sr. Environmental Scientist at Summit Environmental Inc.  He has over 39 years of environmental science experience, including 31 years in site environmental assessment; soil, water and air contaminant characterization; damp building assessment, and contaminated site remediation and closure.  Mr. Harr has technical expertise in environmental regulatory compliance, risk assessment, environmental characterization of Sites for property transfer; environmental permitting; building science and microbial evaluations; and clandestine drug lab evaluation and remediation.  Mr. Harr manages Summit’s environmental site assessment services, project quality assurance, and large project planning, budgeting, and cost control.  He has served as Project Manager for numerous UST, RCRA, and Superfund hazardous waste site remediations.  Clients include government agencies, private industry and private citizens throughout the Northwest. 


Mr. Harr has B.A. degrees in Biology and Botany and a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Montana.  He is a member of the Boise State Environmental Health Advisory Committee and is an active member of four international environmental standard writing committees at ASTM and IICRC.  He is a Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist, a Certified Microbial Consultant and a certified Healthy Homes Specialist through the National Environmental Health Association and the HUD National Center for Healthy Housing.  In 2014, Brad became a Board of Director for the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization and served in that role for two years.  Mr. Harr has provided expert witness testimony on complex environmental contamination projects, including gasoline releases, hazardous waste cleanup, and damp and mold impacted building contamination.


Vice President and Manager of Field Operations


        Mike is a Montana native and has lived in the Boise area for almost 30 years.  He enjoys the outdoors and traveling.  He and his wife of 33 years like traveling throughout the United States and visiting different countries.  They have two children and a grandchild with whom they very much enjoy spending time with camping, skiing, playing sports, and traveling.  Both he and his wife are avid skiers, campers, and motorcyclists (dirt and road).  Mike loves the Boise area, meeting new people and helping them with their environmental and building purchase needs.

        He is the Vice President and Manager of Field Operations for Summit Environmental, Inc and Royal Inspection and has over 29 years experience in the environmental and building science field.  His job responsibilities include: building inspections, fungal assessments, health and safety management, contractor oversight, multi-media sampling, groundwater monitoring; Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment records review, research, and report preparations; Health and Safety Plan preparations and oversight; microbial evaluations; and documentation of all field activities.  Other expertise includes data research, data collection, soil and waste sampling, hazardous waste management, heavy equipment operations, UST decommissioning, professional witness assistance, and air monitoring and sampling.  He is emergency response trained and is a Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI) and Certified Microbial Investigator (CMI).

Affiliations / Associated Links

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Our Services






Royal Inspection Company

Royal Inspection is Summit Environmental's building inspection dba.  Royal Inspection performs their inspection’s based on the Idaho Association of Home Inspector Standards (IAHI) of Practice.  IAHI defines an inspection as identifying visible defects and/or conditions that, in the judgment of the inspector, adversely affect the function and/or integrity of the building items, components, and systems.

Royal Inspection Co. is the valley's best inspection service.  We are fast, local, and a competitively priced way to get your new home, office or building inspected.  Royal Inspection is a member of the IAHI and has Certified Real Estate Inspectors (CRI). 


Our staff are;


- Certified Real Estate Inspector through IAHI

- Certified Microbial Inspector / Consultant through IAQC

- Experienced and Ready to Go

- Willing to Work Around Your Schedule
- Ready to Meet Your Needs

Cost Structure





An additional $50 charge will be incurred on older (>50 year) and complicated buildings.

$50 for any additional non-attached garages, shops, and outbuildings requested to be inspected.

Duplex and multi-unit dwellings are typically charged the above rate per unit (i.e. duplex with 1200 sqft units would be $350 per side), but may be discounted due to scope and size of project, so please call for pricing.

Any Inspections outside the Boise / Caldwell area will be charged an additional $0.75/mile and $45/hour travel time.

Custom inspections (i.e. attic only, crawlspace only, etc.) call for pricing.

Commercial inspections charged at rate of $0.35/sqft, larger projects please call for pricing.

Not all items included in inspections (i.e. pools, hot tubs, central vacuums, security systems, water softeners, sprinkler systems, etc.) ask if item is included if you are not sure.

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“Thank you so much for doing a great thorough job. I appreciate your time and your kindness today. Thank you for taking the time to walk through everything........ You have made my little family's dream one step closer to making it come true...............”  - Jordan

“I want to thank you and Summit Environmental for your quick response to the sewage incident in City Hall.  While I know, bringing resolution to this was a team effort; I appreciate how efficiently the process was handled...........”  - Mayor

“Thank you......!  Appreciate your speedy and awesome service.”  - Kelly

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